Global Youth Initiative – October 2017

by Chinwe, October 30, 2017

The John Maxwell Team Global Youth Initiative is an international movement comprising hundreds of free community events with topics ranging from leadership development, to anti-bullying, self-esteem and more to help the youth in communities around the world thrive. It holds twice every year.

This October as a member of The John Maxwell Team, i worked with Olekanma Ekeleme to train different Youth in Secondary Schools and Church on How to Develop a Positive Self Image and Build a Strong Character.

We trained Students of Bishop Howell’s Memorial Grammar School on October 11, 2017; St. Augustine’s Anglican Church Youth (it was open to non-members too) on October 14, 2017 and CMS Grammar School (the First Secondary School in Lagos) on October 17, 2017

These interactions exposed us to the need to impact good values to these young ones to enable them become better and achieve sustainable success in life.

Some testimonials from the Youth at St. Augustine’s are shown below:

‘As a participant of the JMTGYI, i have been able to develop my self image and personal character in terms of:

1- I have met two goals i set for myself since March. i achieve it last week (October 16-22)

2- I have been able to increase my self confidence after the programme

3- I also learnt how to put fear aside in terms of clarity of purpose

4- My thinking has changed greatly because before that day, i was in a state of dilemma, then i took a stand and it worked for me with the help of the quote ‘Don’t ever think that what you have has no value, Never devalue it yourself’

…Mercy Tasie 

‘The GYI has taught me a lot. the importance of self decision and self believe. it taught me the importance of saying positive things to myself and to people around me. life is full of challenges and one of the strongest and bravest way to survive is to believe in yourself that you can do it and also trust in God. thank you for bringing GYI to us. we appreciate it. Thank you and God bless every of your effort to impact people’s life’.

…Nonso Ezikeolisa, Vice President, St. Augustine’s Anglican Church Youth Fellowship

A lot of parents are so engrossed with making ends meet that they do not have enough time to groom their children. As a Certified John Maxwell Coach, Speaker and Trainer, i will be willing to take that burden off you for a small token. The best in life all have Mentors and Coaches. If you are interested in giving your child(ren) the best, let me Coach them.

Also, i can provide these services to you and your company. We can look at enhancing your Leadership and personal development.

I am committed to your success. Are you committed to your success? Speak to Chi and bring lasting and positive changes to every aspect of your life.


Bishop Howell’s Memorial Grammar School, Bariga, Lagos



St. Augustine’s Anglican Church, Anthony Village, Lagos

CMS Grammar School


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